Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Nationals News

$125m to unlock the West Kimberley

Nationals Statement

The Nationals WA today launched their visionary $125 million West Kimberley Revitalisation Plan to help unlock the potential of the region, should they retain the balance of power at the State election.

Leader of The Nationals WA, Brendon Grylls and candidate for Kimberley, Michele Pucci said the $125 million Royalties for Regions package would kick-start important community projects, including additional funding to deliver the Broome Boating Facility.

“We are committed to unlocking the West Kimberley and revitalising centres like Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and the many remote communities,” Mr Grylls said.

“The West Kimberley region has massive potential in tourism and agriculture and this Plan will help these communities to grow, creating local jobs and making life easier for families.”

Highlights of the West Kimberley Revitalisation Plan include a $15 million boost to the Broome Boating Facility; $30 million for Community Development Funds for the Shires of Broome and Derby-West Kimberley; $34 million for 60 new houses; $15 million to establish a Northern Beef Industry Research Centre in Broome; $19 million for the Broome Industrial Park Development; $8 million for Tourism Facilities Development Funds; and $4 million for West Kimberley Small Business Development.

“Broome has been crying out for a dedicated community boating facility and The Nationals are committed to making sure it can be delivered through Royalties for Regions,” Ms Pucci said.

Mr Grylls said if The Nationals WA can retain stewardship of the Royalties for Regions program they would deliver a $15 million boost to the $35 million already budgeted for this vital community facility.

“Work has already started through Royalties for Regions and will result in a quality facility that provides safe accessibility for the many boat owners in the community,” he said.

The Plan includes construction of 60 new affordable houses in Broome (40) and Derby (20) to assist mainly young, employed indigenous people in the transition to home ownership.

The economic drivers of the Kimberley, tourism and agriculture, will also be bolstered under the Plan with $15 million to establish a Northern Beef Industry Research Centre in Broome to create jobs and expand the northern livestock industry. This forms part of the recently-launched Nationals WA $300 million vision for agriculture across the State.

The West Kimberley will also benefit from an $8 million boost to develop and improve key tourism facilities across the region and a $4 million West Kimberley Small Business Development Fund.

Another key component will be new Community Development Funds to be administered by the Shires of Broome ($20 million) and Derby West Kimberley ($10 million) to support local priority projects.

Candidate for Kimberley, Michele Pucci said the West Kimberley Revitalisation Plan would complement the $180 million investment that Royalties for Regions had already delivered since 2008.

“The Nationals WA are building on our Royalties for Regions commitment to support families and businesses and benefit the entire Kimberley Region,” Ms Pucci said.

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