Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Nationals News

Nationals Agricultural vision promises more for regional communities

Nationals Statement

Nationals Candidate for Moore Shane Love said The Nationals $300m agriculture policy was the only election commitment on the table that offered a long-term plan for agriculture and regional communities.

“The Nationals are keen to invest an extra $300m into the future of agriculture, but it will only be delivered if we retain the balance of power.

“It appears that the release of The Nationals agriculture policy has prompted the Liberal Party to look outside Perth for a moment”, he said.

Mr Love said the Liberal Party’s agriculture policy was $258 million less than The Nationals’ policy.

Mr Love said that he strongly supports reforms to reinforce the private property rights of farmers but cautioned that the Liberals promised to make those reforms in the current term of government but did nothing over four years while honest farmers were treated like criminals.

Shane Love said the Liberal Policy had taken two major elements of The Nationals WA package – the research and development grants and improving biosecurity measures – but left out the big vision of The Nationals policy.

“They don’t mention risk management; The Nationals have allocated $10 million to assist farmers better achieve better risk management.”

“The Nationals policy addresses the foreign investment debate, setting up a trade commissioner to link WA businesses with overseas investors; not to “sell the farm” but to ensure foreign investment brings capital to WA to most benefit the development of the industry.”

“A key plank of The Nationals policy included a $40 million commitment to water for food with an emphasis on potentially important irrigation sites including the Midlands area in Moore. The policy also provides a $30 million plan to up-skill the agricultural sector to ensure WA increases its standing as an agricultural powerhouse.”

“The Nationals WA have a plan to restore agriculture as the backbone of regional communities”, Mr Love said.

“Our policy responds to reports that highlight the huge opportunities that exist to capitalise on the economic growth of Asia and the desire of Asian countries to ensure they have food security.

“Most importantly The Nationals have the mechanism to deliver their plan, by retaining the balance of power and protecting Royalties for Regions”, Mr Love said.

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