Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Community Pool Revitalisation policy being well received

Nationals Statement

Local Government swimming pools throughout the Kimberley will receive funding for maintenance and upgrades under the Nationals WA Community Pool Revitalisation policy.

Meeting with Broome CEO, Mr Kenn Donohoe at the Recreation and Aquatic Centre today, Minister for Sport and Recreation, the Hon Terry Waldron along with Nationals WA candidate for the Kimberley, Michele Pucci discussed the advantages such funds would bring to local pools across regional Western Australia.

“Although the policy was officially announced a short time ago, I have been enjoying travelling around the West Kimberley delivering the messages of the WA Nationals, and I look forward to taking these messages personally to the East Kimberley in the coming days”, said Ms Pucci.

"My message, with regards to this, will be that if the Nationals are successful in retaining the balance of power in the upcoming State election, all regional local governments with a public pool will be provided with an annual grant of up to $30,000 of Royalties for Regions funds per pool to maintain and upgrade infrastructure, improve pool facilities and purchase new equipment.”

Local governments may also elect to use this funding to cover the pool entry costs for children or people attending swimming lessons.

Ms Pucci said that the local public swimming pool provides a key community asset for improving health and well-being, social cohesion and public enjoyment, especially in remote communities.

With 97 regional public aquatic centres located across the State, the Community Pool Revitalisation policy would greatly assist local governments to maintain upkeep of these facilities and reduce financial burden on Local Governments and ratepayers.

The Community Pool Revitalisation discussion paper can be viewed at www.nationalswa.com and is open for people to have input.

“The Nationals WA are the only party that can be trusted to deliver for regional communities – I urge you to become a defender of Royalties for Regions and support The Nationals on 9 March.”

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.