Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Nationals News

Candidate champions The Nationals vision for agriculture

Nationals Statement

Nationals candidate for Albany, Robert Sutton, said The Nationals $300 million agriculture policy offered a long-term plan for agriculture and regional communities.

Mr Sutton said The Nationals WA would invest $300 million, should they retain the balance of power at the State election, to boost investment in Western Australia’s agricultural sector and enable farmers to capitalise on current opportunities.

“Global demand for food is strong and Western Australia, with our abundant land and water resources, is well placed to supply this growing market,” Mr Sutton said. 

“The Nationals policy focuses on five key areas: research and development; land and water; getting produce to market; investment and trade; and skills development.”

Mr Sutton said he sees agriculture as the next investment boom in regional WA.

“By developing the agricultural sector, regional communities can expect to see increased job opportunities and investment right across the State.”

“We have the opportunity to use Royalties for Regions to help attract the investment in agriculture that creates regional jobs and builds diversity in our economy.”

Mr Sutton said developing land and water resources to maximise the full potential of WA’s agriculture  was a priority for The Nationals WA.

“The $40 million Water and Food initiative will support the continued expansion of ongoing irrigation projects right across the state, to ensure we can capitalise on the opportunities presented by Asia’s demand for food,” he said.

Mr Sutton said fixing the state’s transport networks was vital and The Nationals WA would invest $75 million improve roads, rail, ports, airports and processing facilities after a state-wide infrastructure audit was completed.

“A key part of this infrastructure investment would be investing in Tier 3 rail - The Nationals have maintained a clear position that we want to keep as much grain on rail as possible and this infrastructure fund enables us to do so.”

Mr Sutton said streamlining the state’s transport networks would be complemented by a $47 million investment focused on developing new markets and expanding existing markets.

The Nationals WA’s policy helps farmers to deal with current challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Mr Sutton said this was another reason why it was essential that The Nationals retained the balance of power and stewardship of Royalties for Regions at the upcoming election.

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