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Liberal's graffiti announcement an admission of failure

Labor Statement

The Liberal Party's plan to force graffiti vandals to clean up graffiti damage is an admission of failure by the Barnett Government to tackle the problem, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the Liberal Party's announcement shows they still have no proper plan to tackle graffiti in our communities.

"We have constantly been told that the clean-up graffiti initiative is part of the role of the Graffiti Taskforce to implement," Mr McGowan said.

"The Liberal party's announcement today is not a new initiative.

"Police Minister Liza Harvey told Parliament in November last year that a 'juvenile clean-up program' was 'another highly visible and highly successful initiative of the taskforce'.

"The clean-up policy has been around for years, but it has not been properly implemented despite the Minister's claims."

Mr McGowan said the Liberal Party needs to reveal how many graffiti offenders have actually been caught and charged how much graffiti has been removed by the actual offenders over the past four years.

"In her press release this morning, Mrs Harvey states 'By creating specific graffiti legislation and a specific graffiti offence, we will be able to more accurately gauge the extent of graffiti vandalism in WA and ensure more appropriate sentences are imposed'.

"It appears Mrs Harvey knows very little about the extent of graffiti vandalism in our communities.

"The Liberal Party must explain how it intends to get around the time lag caused by alleged offenders being caught in a court system that has a wait of between six to 12 months before a case is heard.

"WA Labor suspects that the vast majority of graffiti offenders are still not being caught and this is proving an embarrassment to the Barnett Government."

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