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Greens launch Transparent and Open Government Action Plan

Greens Statement

The Greens (WA) today launched their Transparent and Open Government Action Plan which will provide a robust framework to enhance public confidence in government decision making.

Greens WA spokesperson for electoral affairs Alison Xamon MLC said that through the creation of a rigorous regulatory regime for lobbyists, the Greens would ensure the activity of all lobbyists, not just third party lobbyists, was appropriately regulated.

“Government integrity, accountability and transparency are vital to a healthy democracy,” Ms Xamon said.

“The Greens (WA) believe it is important that people have access to government. We believe that ongoing public participation should underpin the making of laws and policy.

“However, to guarantee fair and equitable government access for all stakeholders we need transparency in government.

“The Western Australian public is entitled to know who can get access to the Premier and other government representatives, and the circumstances of such access. We have to know who is engaged in the lobbying process, on whose behalf and for what purpose. We should not be expected to blindly trust government officials to do the right thing.

“A lack of transparency undermines public confidence in government decision-making, and creates the potential for unethical or corrupt conduct.

“The Greens see better regulation of lobbyists as a crucial step in achieving a more open and honest government that allows for all people to be directly involved in the economic and political decisions that affect their lives.

“To ensure there is adequate focus and prioritisation of this important area, we will create an independent Commissioner of Lobbying.

“We will also legislate to regulate access to ministers so that selling access to Ministers cannot be used for the purpose of political fundraising.

“The Greens are committed to creating a strong lobbyist regime that WA people can have confidence in.

“We do not wish to remove lobbyists from the political arena. We recognise and value their legitimate role in our political system. But we do need vastly improved regulation of their activities.”

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