Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Political News

Liberal Morton Cries Foul Over Community Ad

Liberal party Director Ben Morton has taken offense at a local community TV station Ad after Colin Barnett refused a live debate to be telecast with opposition leader Mark McGowan that has agreed to participate.

Who Is Ken Travers

Interview with Ken Travers at On The Couch

Mosman Park Mayor Highlights Local Government Minister Castrilli Wasting $20m

Mayor of Mosman Park Ron Norris highlights the utter waste of $20m plus by Local Government Minister John Castrilli.

In what he has called a flawed process, and echoing previous claims by other of bullying by the the Western Australian government, major question continue to be raised by experienced people on the government intended purpose of forced Council amalgamations.

Independent Candidate Ross On FIFO Life Truths

by Greg Ross Independent Candidate for Kalamunda

Once upon a time, across a sunburnt land, anybody who worked hard was held in high regard. Of course, there were always those who regarded themselves a cut above the working stiff, but usually even those bastions of society would, albeit condescendingly,  agree such workers were salt of the earth people, to be admired in their own way.

Serco - some background

Serco the multi national organisation is making inroads in Western Australia running services for the WA government.

Some background is provided here on there operations .

WA Local Government Association Independence needs Review

The Western Australian Local Government Association acts as a representative bodies for Councils in WA and puts forward policy to government on this basis.

The appointment of the President and the rules will continue to become an influencing factor of Government.

Why Make Enrolment So Hard

Media attention has been on enrolments in Western Australia recently, spurred on by the coming WA election for 2013.

Election Sign Issues Raise There Head

Election signs, or propaganda boards, have become part of Election 2013 issues.

Ross Says R4R Used As Vote Buyer

Independent Greg Ross has come out on Social Media with an attack on Royalties for Regions management.

Buswell has Date With Carles

WA Treasurer, and Liberal, Troy Buswell's court action to force money and an apology out of ex girlfriend, and Fremantle Independent, Adele Carles has its first court date.

Kalamunda Candidate Greg Ross on Shadow Boxing Interview (Pt2)

Interview with Kalamunda Independent candidate Greg Ross on WTV Shadow Boxing show Part 2.


Independent Greg Ross Says West To Expensive

Independent candidate for Kalamunda has disagreed with political commentator Paul Murray.

WA Local Government Association Election Issue

The Western Australian Local Government released there issues list for the WA 2013 election.

WA Farmers Release Election Demands

WA Farmers Statement

The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) has today announced its 10 Key Issues for the upcoming Western Australian State Election on Saturday 9 March 2013.

WAFarmers President, Dale Park, said the intention for announcing WAFarmers’ key issues was to put the major political parties on notice and to fight for the interests of all the state’s farmers in the lead up to the poll.

Will Daylight Saving Arise From The Dead

Daylight saving has been silent so far in the 2013 WA election.

However WA has learnt no does not mean no.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.