Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Political News

Barnett Liberals rush through pre-election appointments

Labor Statement

The Barnett Government is set to rush through appointments to its controversial Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) before the State election, Shadow Local Government Minister John Hyde said today.

Barnett should act as Buswell's antics make him not fit to hold public office

Press Release Dec 9

Premier Colin Barnett must immediately remove Troy Buswell from Cabinet, following revelations of another embarrassing drunken indiscretion, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Sue Ellery said today.

Crook Takes WA Federal Members to Task on GST

The stoush between the Nationals and Liberals in West Australia's O'Connor seat has seen incumbent Tony Crook come out swinging at the Abbott's Federal Liberals over WA's GST share.

WA socialists announce candidates for campaign to nationalise mines

Media Release

Socialist Alliance will run three candidates in the March 9 elections in Western Australia.

The main message of the campaign is that the state government should take steps to bring the big mining companies operating in the state into public ownership.

Buswell Behaviour In Spotlight Again

Minister Troy Buswell has had a number of behavioural issues over several years and Premier Barnett promised in June 2012 that he would improve his behaviour and be monitoring him.

Despite this Buswell has had accusation leveled at him over an incident 12 months ago, in 2011.

Adele confirms details of incident regarding Treasurer


Adele stands by her comments.

Children's commissioner reappointed

Ministerial Statement

The State Government has appointed the existing commissioner for Children and Young People, Michelle Scott to act in the role for a further 12 months.

Barnett's wrong priorities reward senior public servants

Media Release

The Barnett Government must end the extravagant pay rises awarded to senior bureaucrats, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Nationals MP Phil Gardiner to Become Independent

Moora based Nationals MP Phil Gardiner has decided to contest the next election as an independent.

After Max Trenorden former leader of the Nationals was dumped for the next  election Gardiner was selected for Upper House by the Nationals and has rejected this now.

Barnett Government's CoLA trickery exposed

Media Statement

The Barnett Government's bad decision in cancelling the Supply Charge Rebate and replacing it with the Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA) has been exposed as nothing more than dishonesty, Shadow Minister for Energy Bill Johnston said today.

Barnett Government breaks key road safety promise

Press Release

The Barnett Government's failure to return 100 per cent of speed and red light infringement revenue to road safety is the latest in a long line of broken promises, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the Barnett Government used infringement revenue to pay for administration costs and road projects that were designed to reduce traffic congestion.

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