Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Political News

Two hands in one purse: Buswell’s costing dilemma

Labor Statement

Treasurer Troy Buswell is being deliberately tricky by not committing to submitting the combined impact of the Liberal and National Parties' election promises to Treasury, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said Premier Colin Barnett has already committed to the Nationals and Liberal Party forming a coalition if they have a majority in the new Parliament, regardless of the outcome - but both parties are making separate elections commitments.

Buswell tricky on submitting costings to Treasury

Labor Statement

The Barnett Government must come clean on its own rail and light rail election costings and follow Mark McGowan's lead by committing to submitting them to Treasury, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

"Mark McGowan and WA Labor have been open, honest and accountable. It's made tough decisions and it's not afraid to have its METRONET figures costed by Treasury," Mr Wyatt said.

No Risk to Royalties for Regions: It's Here to Stay!

Greens for the Kimberley

Royalties for Regions is an Act of Parliament assented to on 3 December 2009. Each of the major political parties support it and it enjoys wide appeal across country WA. It is now the main government strategy for ensuring a percentage of all mining royalties are spent in regional WA.

There is a perception that the Royalties for Regions program belongs to the National Party. This is quite untrue and misleading.

Scitech to move to Burswood

Liberal Statement

A new world class home for Scitech will be built in the new eastside precinct at Burswood on a site nearly twice its current size under a re-elected Liberal Government.
After 24 years as the State’s premier science education centre, Scitech has nearly outgrown its 5,046 square metre West Perth headquarters.

Will Barnett Suspend Local Government if Re-Elected

Save our Subiaco campaigners have claimed that if Colin Barnett is re-elected 'local governments will most likely be suspended'.

Is Buswell about to get hit by Mack Truck

Not often a political candidate comes to an election in a Mack Truck, however Independent candidate Greg Ross is happy to show his driving capabilities.

Greg Ross Truck

Ross is also not backward in being critical of Treasurer Troy Buswell, often dubbed the bully of WA politics, having more than one female politician in tears.

Kalamunda Forum Review

via Greg Ross

The Kalamunda Public Forum, on Tuesday 12th Feb, has been praised as a success, with a turn-out of just under 100 people, in oppressive heat and humidity. Several councillors in attendance were impressed enough to ask the guest speakers to meet with the council to discuss the implications of Colin Barnett’s and John Day’s Development Assessment Panels and looming forced amalgamations.

WA Labor reaffirms support for public sector jobs

Labor Statement

A McGowan Labor Government will stop the outsourcing and privatisation of public sector services and, where possible, return outsourced services to the public sector, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said WA Labor recognises the significant role of Western Australia's public sector in providing the services which support the growth of the WA economy.

Community Pool Revitalisation policy being well received

Nationals Statement

Local Government swimming pools throughout the Kimberley will receive funding for maintenance and upgrades under the Nationals WA Community Pool Revitalisation policy.

Meeting with Broome CEO, Mr Kenn Donohoe at the Recreation and Aquatic Centre today, Minister for Sport and Recreation, the Hon Terry Waldron along with Nationals WA candidate for the Kimberley, Michele Pucci discussed the advantages such funds would bring to local pools across regional Western Australia.

FIFO report gives Royalties for Regions the thumbs up

Nationals Statement

Nationals WA president Colin Holt MLC has welcomed the release of a report into fly-in fly-out and drive-in drive-out work practices: Cancer of the Bush or Salvation for our Cities which praises the efforts of Royalties for Regions in reversing the FIFO trend.

Mr Holt said the Federal Regional Australia Committee’s report made a number of recommendations to ensure the future prosperity of resource communities.

Perth needs better taxi services

Kevin Morgan Independent for Cottesloe

A $9 taxi pick-up fee is ridiculous.

For significantly less than the $9 fee recently introduced by the Liberals, the taxi industry can be reformed through a plate buy-back scheme so it can become predominantly owner/drivers, better trained and policed for service standards, and which together with market forces will deliver better outcomes in satisfying consumer demand for taxis.

Stirling Council Sends Crisis Victims Away

Stirling City Council is running at capacity with its crisis accommodation services.

They have said there is an increasing number of homeless not affected by family or domestic violence accessing the service.

Better weather information on The Nationals WA radar

Nationals Statement

The Nationals WA candidate for Moore Shane Love says a new weather radar station at Jurien Bay would benefit farmers, fishermen and emergency services.

The new radar station is proposed in The Nationals WA $300 million dollar agriculture policy, which aims to help WA farmers seize the opportunities being created through the rapid economic growth in Asia.

Barnett's No Housing Crisis Conflicts with Claremont Footy

Premier Barnett's comments recently that there is not a housing crisis in Western Australia is contradicted by WAFL Claremont Football Club comments.

Buswell ‘spies’ on Opposition Treasury briefing

Labor Statement February 8

Treasurer Troy Buswell today secretly had one of his political members of staff attend the Department of Treasury's briefing to the WA Labor Opposition on the State's finances, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

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