Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Political News

2 Majors Different Adopt Approaches

Liberal and Labor are taking different approaches in press releases and announcements.

Premier Colin Barnett has a problem with telling the truth

Labor Statement January 31

Premier Colin Barnett's tendency to be loose with the truth continued this morning, with the Premier once again making multiple comments containing blatant factual errors on FM radio, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said when asked about the Barnett Government's broken 2008 election promise to build the Ellenbrook rail line, Mr Barnett claimed the Liberal Party made no such commitment.

Greens Have Alternative Third

WA Greens have enough Lower House Legislative Assembly candidates to form Government.

Barnett Says No Housing Crisis

Premier Colin Barnett has stated in an interview during January 2013 there is not a housing crisis in Western Australia.

Barnett said there are always homeless people, saying, 'there are people homeless throughout Australia, the difference is can get a job in Western Australia.'

Housing assistance remains important for many Australians as affordability pressures grow


Housing assistance remains important for many Australians, particularly with increasing households experiencing 'housing stress', according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

The demand for social housing (rental housing provided by government or not-for-profit community organisations) continues to be high and waiting lists remain long.

Shadow Boxing - Janet Pettigrew Candidate for Balcatta

Janet Pettigrew Labor candidate on WTV shadow Boxing, an interview.

Seeking to take over from John Kobelke the current sitting Labor member for the seat of Balcatta.

SES Not Happy With Government Interference

by SES Volunteers Association (inc.)

SES is a National Brand and the SES Volunteers must remain in this identity and not only perform the roles of their brothers and sisters in other States but be seen to do so as SES in Orange.

The SES evolved out of the Civil Defence days and the Volunteers are both altruistic in their nature and community minded.

McGowan Snubs Rockingham

Opposition leader Mark McGowan and Rockingham member has rejected an invitation to participate in a local Rockingham debate.

Independent candidate Matt Whitfield had been trying to organise a debate between labor and liberal said he was disappointed with McGowan, 'after weeks of claiming his diary was full, no reason was given at all' for the non attendance.

Buswell Drink Saga Date to 2007

Reporting and claims of Troy Buswell and alcohol have dated back to 2007.

The Buswell Bras Snapping issue back in October 23, 2007 had wife of the Transport Minister saying 'it does not define him'.

Allegedly drunk Mr Buswell unclipped a Labor staffer's bra at Parliament House, and his wife forgave him.

Barnett Gets Cheque Book out In Broome

Colin Barnett got out the WA State cheque book after a rowdy visit to Broome recently.

The Premier has promised shade structures for the town.

Writs Issued WA Election 2013

Writes have been issued today 6 February 2013 for the 2013 State General Election following Premier Barnett visiting Governor.

Governor dissolves WA Legislative Assembly

The Western Australian Governor has dissolved the WA Legislative Assembly on and from 30 January 2013.

This end the 38th Parliament of Western Australia.

Reform cut red tape and streamlined planning

Liberal Statement

The State Government today released Planning Makes It Happen: A Report Card on Planning Reform which provided an objective assessment on progress made on the implementation of its reform agenda since 2009.

Planning Minister John Day said  the report card followed on from the planning reform blueprint Planning Makes It Happen set out three years ago, which, after extensive consultation and feedback from stakeholders, identified 11 key strategic priorities.

WA Labor outlines commitment to Geraldton

A McGowan Labor Government will deliver real investment in schools, health and community facilities in Geraldton, Deputy WA Labor Leader Roger Cook said today.

Mr Cook said for the past four and a half years, the Barnett-Grylls Government prioritised inner-city projects at the expense of services such as health, education and community facilities in Geraldton.

Shooters and Fishers Want Rethink

The Shooters and Fishers party is seeking change and a rethink on laws in Western Australia with the 2013 WA election.

Following and radio interview in January the following are the main points highlighted by the party.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.