Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Political News

Popular beaches to get $70m transformation

Liberal Statement January 27

Scarborough, Leighton and Port beaches will be transformed and revitalised by a $70million investment by the Liberal National Government.
Premier Colin Barnett said an initial contribution of $30million had been provided to transform the Scarborough beach and surrounding areas, and up to $40million set aside for the realignment of Curtin Avenue, south of the Marine Parade roundabout in Cottesloe.

Shelter WA : Make Housing Top Election Issue

Shelter WA Announcement

Just 0.5% of private rentals are affordable for low-income households, 9,500 people are homeless in WA, and of those fortunate enough to have a home in WA, 43% of those on a low income are in housing stress.

“It’s a sad reflection in a State as prosperous as WA, and Shelter WA’s Policy Platform for Western Australia 2013 – 2015 spells out some solid policies to address this,” said Shelter WA Executive Officer Chantal Roberts.

WA Budget - a look back

Local TV show Undercurrent produced coverage of the 2012/13 Western Australia Budget.

Now is possibly a good time for a revisit to check on its progress and achievement.

Tricky Liberals Hide 2008 Video's

The WA liberal party have taken the extraordinary step of hiding the 2008 WA election videos.

Buswell Behaviour In June

In June 2012 Buswell was accused as a Bully in parliament. Subsequently he apologised.

WA Labor Campaign Launch 2013

The 2013 Election for Western Australia launch for WA Labor by party leader MarkMcGowan.

Joe Francis to Speak at Breakfast Club

Joe Francis Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Small Business and Commerce will be Guest Speaker to business association.

WA Labor to cut rental application costs

Labor Statement

WA Labor will cut the upfront costs of renting a house by abolishing the rental option fee, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

WA Liberals Communication Fails

The WA Liberals have made announcement today through main stream media, however they continue to fail to accept the additional media sources in the modern world.

The current government has made much about modernising Perth and Western Australia and are spending billions of dollars of taxpayers money in projects to achieve their goal.

Barnett promises $ for Leighton - is it fixing an old promise

Premier Barnett's promise of money for Curtin Avenue is a blast from the past.

The Leighton Action Coalition was formed from community action in 1999 after the Government wanted to install wall to wall housing in the Leighton Marshalling yard.

Conservation Council Key Issues

The WA Conservation Council has set its top 12 key areas of concern going into the 2013 State election.

They state, 'If we want a Government that will protect WA’s special places and unique lifestyle, and leave a healthy environment for our grandchildren," policy reform is needed in the identified areas.

Carles to fight for Fremantle

Carles Statement

Independent MP Adele Carles has announced that she will re-contest the seat of Fremantle at the election on March 9.

Check Size of Gas Hub Area

The controversial Gas Hub at James Price Point would be often hard to visualise in size for people not familiar with the industry and Broome.

This brochure provides some information on the project and shows that project would cover the who Broome townsite, and more, if located in the Broome townsite.

Labor Candidate Bob Kucera on Shadow Boxing

Bob Kucera on Shadow Boxing progarm discussing some history in politics  and his come back.

The Perth Esplanade's Future - brief explanation

If you are unsure on the Perth Esplanade Development and Elizabeth Quay this provides a quick overview.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.