Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Peel Health iT Matters

Barnett seeks to limit fall out of Peel Hospital

Labor Statement

The Terms of Reference for the Peel Hospital inquiry prove the Barnett Government is seeking to limit the political fall out of the affair rather than get to the bottom of the issue, Shadow Minister for Health Roger Cook said today.

Mr Cook said the all-party Parliamentary Committee recommended 14 matters be investigated whilst the terms of reference limited the inquiry to just five specific issues.

"Professor Stokes will not be able to investigate allegations of corruption, bullying and impropriety at the hospital," Mr Cook said.

"The inquiry generally seeks to look at contractual and clinical issues only.

"The  all-party committee raised serious concerns about the way our hospital system is being run in the Peel region.

"The Barnett Government has ignored these concerns and is trying to limit Professor Stokes to a dry and technical review.

"It is most concerning that Professor Stokes will not look at the allegations of the misuse of the sinking fund, the alleged falsification of hospital records and the adequacy of the information systems.

"We are still waiting for clarification on how Professor Stokes will seek and take sensitive information and how he will manage the alleged intimidation of witnesses."

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