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SES Not Happy With Government Interference

by SES Volunteers Association (inc.)

SES is a National Brand and the SES Volunteers must remain in this identity and not only perform the roles of their brothers and sisters in other States but be seen to do so as SES in Orange.

The SES evolved out of the Civil Defence days and the Volunteers are both altruistic in their nature and community minded.

They do not suffer Government Departments redirecting them all the time when all they want to do is to train and respond to emergency situations within their community.

The Volunteers not only respond but they assist local governments and their communities through the initial stages of the recovery phase of an emergency event.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (previously known as FESA) should be there to support and assist the many SES Volunteers and their networks around the state.

The State Emergency Service Volunteers Association had an information session on 31 January for the SES leaders (Volunteers) in and near Perth to bring them up to date on DFES moves to almagamate the Fire and DFES acts.

The Volunteers Association expected some reaction, however, it has been like opening the flood gates and the Volunteers have become very passionate about DFES inerfering with their current and effective modes of operation.

A number of years ago the SES had their own Executive Director, Training Officers and Managers who were SES explicit and did a great job supporting the Volunteers.

This has changed and the SES is no longer a specific service within DFES (previously known as FESA).

There have been some recent actions by DFES that is not acceptable to the SES Volunteers.

There is now a list of more than 48 matters that the SES Volunteers have advised the SES Volunteers Association about.

This can be found on the SES-WA website - http://www.ses-wa.asn.au/front_page_news

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