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Enough is Enough - road safety

Open to the Minister of Police and Road Safety by Enough is Enough organisation.

I now take this opportunity with the election in sight to reiterate those ideas, particularly given the horrific start to the year on WA roads, the worst in the nation. Enough is Enough WA Inc. represents over 5,600 members, including many victims of road tragedies. We are calling on the Western Australian Government to consider the proposals outlined below in an effort to save lives, and work with the community towards a zero toll future on WA roads.
These proposals are refined and composed from the many suggestions and ideas presented by our member base. They are designed to create a multi angled approach to the improvement of road safety, and will work to develop better drivers, appropriately penalise those who put lives at risk, and in turn, lead to safer roads across WA.
These key concepts have been identified as:
  • Introducing compulsory driver training as a key component in the WA learner driver system. We need to teach new road users how to drive, not just how to pass a test;
  • The introduction of alcohol ignition interlocks for repeat drink driver offenders;
  • A move from disqualification to cancelation of licences for repeat traffic offenders;
  • The development of a program that will see those convicted of mid to high range drink driving offences serve a compulsory period of community service as a part of their penalty. This program should directly involve victims of alcohol related road trauma and facilities where these victims undergo recovery and rehabilitation;
  • A change in law, which will see drunk or drug driving causing death offences treated as manslaughter;
  • Abolishing the extraordinary licence provision.
These notions highlight both the inadequate penalties that currently exist for drink drivers, as well as the need to better educate and prepare new drivers for our roads. We acknowledge that these ideas must compliment a broader road safety strategy to succeed. Whilst there have been some positive advances in policy for road safety in this last term of government, we are looking for a renewed commitment and approach into the future.
At this rate, WA is on track for a horrific year on our roads; with history showing us at least another 160 families are yet to suffer the trauma of losing a loved one on our roads. We urge the Minister to consider these proposals, and lead the way on road safety, driver education and enforcement for the betterment of the community at large.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.

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