Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Liberals will start Perth-Darwin Hwy

Liberal Statement

A Liberal Government, if re-elected, would start work during its next term on the Perth-Darwin National Highway(PDNH).

Premier Colin Barnett said this major new road project would remove a significant volume of heavy vehicle through-traffic from the Swan Valley and redirect it to the new highway.

It will ultimately run 37km north of the current Tonkin Highway termination at Reid Highway to join Great Northern Highway at Brand Highway in Muchea.

“A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will allocate $196million to complete the necessary land acquisition and approval process and get construction under way,” Mr Barnett said.

“It is anticipated that major works would commence at the northern end of the alignment during 2016.

“The existing route through the Swan Valley – the Great Northern Highway – is the only road transport link to the State’s north and is under significant and increasing pressure from trucks and heavy vehicle movement.”

The Liberal-led Government has already committed $8million to start project planning of the new highway.

“The Great Northern Highway is a two-lane road catering for more than 18,000 vehicles per day – of which 17 per cent are heavy transport vehicles – and the mix of heavy traffic together with local and tourist traffic through the Swan Valley is neither safe nor efficient,” Mr Barnett said.

“Traffic modelling indicates that significant volumes of traffic will migrate from West Swan Road and Great Northern Highway onto the new route.”

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the important project was part of a significant investment across roads, rail and public transport.

“Planning is progressing as a high priority with on-ground environmental investigations completed, engineering works started and stakeholder meetings held,” Mr Buswell said.

“Major construction is scheduled to start in 2016 and completion is expected by 2019.

“The new highway will link directly with Tonkin Highway which will mean a high percentage of all traffic – and especially freight traffic – currently travelling on the Great Northern Highway north of Ellenbrook will use the new link.  This provides a more direct route from PDNH to most major industrial and commercial centres in the metropolitan area.

“Trucks will use this route rather than travelling on roads where they can be a safety hazard for other motorists so, not only will the new route improve safety, it will provide economic benefits through greater access and connectivity.”

The Premier said the Liberal-led government had invested an unprecedented $4billion in building WA’s road network during its first term.

“We are already delivering major transport projects which are achievable and deliver real outcomes for Western Australia.”

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