Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Royalties for Regions iT Matters

Greens Want R4R Money Spent on Housing not Mining Coys

Greens Statement

All WA’s political parties support Royalties for Regions (RFR). The Greens have been saying for years that a fair proportion of the royalties earned in the regions should be spent locally.
Where the Greens disagree with the other parties is over how the region’s royalties are spent.
Did you know that $80 million of RFR money has been given back to mining companies over the past five years, to encourage exploration for minerals and other resources?  It’s called the ‘exploration incentive scheme’.
The Greens think the royalties should be spend on things the community needs, such as affordable housing.  In 2011/2012, no RFR money was spent on social housing, but $26.9 million was spent on the exploration incentive scheme.
Many Aboriginal people still live in overcrowded houses in poor conditions.  This is one of the reasons for the continuing spread of trachoma, an eye disease that leads to blindness.  New and improved housing should be a Royalties for Regions priority.  $26.9 million would buy or renovate a lot of houses, making life easier and healthier for many people. 

RFR was set up ‘to build strong and vibrant regional communities that are desirable places to live’.  We think that good housing is more likely than mining exploration to make communities better places to live in.

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