Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Royalties for Regions iT Matters

Albany to benefit from The Nationals’ plan for the Regional Cities Initiative

Nationals Statement

The Nationals WA candidate for Albany, Robert Sutton, has said the Regional Cities initiative – a key commitment from The Nationals WA should they win the balance of power at the State election – will provide a major boost for Albany and surrounding communities.

The Regional Cities initiative will help to prepare and promote major regional centres like Albany as desirable places to settle and invest as the State’s regional population growth.

Mr Sutton said the Regional Cities Initiative will develop major regional cities, to improve infrastructure and services and undertake planning to accommodate regional growth.

“As a key part of Royalties for Regions, the Regional Cities Initiative will stimulate growth, create job opportunities, and help to overcome the decade’s long neglect that regional WA has faced from successive State Governments.

“Regional cities in the southern half of the State, such as Albany, will be linked to their neighbouring SuperTowns, such as Katanning, and develop plans to connect key communities throughout regional WA.”

Mr Sutton said the Western Australia’s population was set to double in the next 30 years, which would create challenges and opportunities for regional WA. 

“We need to ensure these regional centres and surrounding communities can start planning early, and we need to make sure we get the planning right.”

Mr Sutton said the Regional Cities program would deliver significant benefits to the Albany region.

“This program will be a major focus for The Nationals WA if we retain the balance of power at the 2013 State election,” Mr Sutton said.

“This is just another way that Royalties for Regions is making regional WA a better place to live, work and invest.”

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