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Sex Industry itMatters

Porter Refused to Meet With Scarlet Alliance

Christian Porter when the Attorney General for Western Australia refused to meet with Scarlet Alliance in 2009 and 2010 to discuss the draft WA Prostitution Bill.

Scarlet Alliance is the Australian Sex Worker Association.

Despite a number of request Porter refused to meet with SA.

In January 2011 after being unsuccessful in being allowed to be involved in the future debate of the industry, different States have different laws, they put a submission to AG Christian Porter with the hope it may be taken into account.

The key recommendations are as follows:

  1. That the proposed licensing model be immediately abandoned as unworkable, counter-productive and expensive.
  2. That sex work be recognised as a legitimate form of work and that all aspects of the Western Australian sex industry, including brothel, private, escort and street-based sexwork, be decriminalised.
  3. That any future legislation sits within a framework that recognises the civil and industrial rights of sex workers, and that the health, safety and wellbeing of sex workers is prioritised over all other industry or community concerns.
  4. That people working in the sex industry be afforded the same legal rights as other Western Australian citizens, including police protection and access to administrative law processes.
  5. That sex industry businesses be afforded the same legal rights as other businesses, without arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions on advertising, employment, service provision or business location.
  6. That the location of brothels be determined according to the same local council guidelines as other service-based businesses and that the relegation of brothels to isolated industrial areas be recognised as inappropriate and dangerous.
  7. That police be removed from any administrative or regulatory role in the sex industry and instead be charged with protecting sexworkers from violence.
  8. That the Western Australian Government recognise sex worker representatives as experts in their field that must be consulted directly on issues of sex work policy.

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