Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Shooters and Fishers Party News

Shooters and Fishers Want Rethink

The Shooters and Fishers party is seeking change and a rethink on laws in Western Australia with the 2013 WA election.

Following and radio interview in January the following are the main points highlighted by the party.

  • Highly damaging pests like foxes, cats and pigs are growing in numbers in WA and do immeasurable damage to the environment in particular small marsupials and birds.
  • We really need to have an open mind in Western Australia. State forest and national park hunting has been conducted in Vic for many decades and in NSW for the last decade or so under strict conditions and has proven to be an important part of managing feral pest and game animals in those states.
  • Countries like NZ and Canada have had public lands hunting since their settlement and the hunting industry in those countries not only effectively manages their eco systems but has also creates a very important economic benefit.
  • The NSW Game Council is probably a good model for WA to work from that highly regulates participants who must be a member of and authorised hunting organisation providing training and ethics then complete and pass a comprehensive proficiency test. Once the prescribed fee is paid an R licence is issued and the license holder can then book a forest block online. A report is required to be returned to the GC that gives valuable information for wildlife managers and researchers to use. There are severe penalties for those that don’t do the right thing. Also small country towns get a much needed economic boost when hunters need accommodation, food, fuel and other supplies and there is no reason why the same system would not be successful in WA.
  • There has already been evidence of the success of public participation in WA with programs like the Red card for Red Fox which is on again next month and has taken tens of thousands of Foxes Cats Rabbits and a number of pigs out of the eco system since it has been running and many of the carcasses have been used by universities for valuable research on the predation of some of these animals. They also raise substantial funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.