Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Greens Seek Evidence of Success of Sunday Trading

MLC Lynn McLaren has sought evidence from Minister for Commerce Simon O'Brien that small business is having success from Sunday trading.

Minister O'Brien had stated in parliament that 'the first three months of the Sunday trading regime that was introduced has been overwhelmingly successful; indeed, more so than we had anticipated'.

The Greens Senator was seeking clarification and evidence that the small business sector was also celebrating Sunday trading, or being left out.

MLC McLaren stated 'The source of these figures was not provided, nor was any detail or breakdown given. More importantly, no breakdown was given by sector, to indicate how small businesses are doing in the wake of increased competition from big businesses.'

Minister O'Brien has yet to respond to the McLaren.

MLC McLaren said 'The Greens will continue to question the value of Sunday trading to the community as a whole, and in particular, its impact on small business'

The exchange in parliament was less than pleasant and Minister O'Brien stating '...there are a lot of very successful stories. If the member wants to be in step with mainstream community in Western Australia, I suggest she put her sour grapes to one side and recognise what the community wants.'

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