Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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iT Matters State Finances

WA Mid Year Review Key Components

The Mid-Year Financial review is an updated economic and financial projection since the May 2012 Budget was handed down.

It only includes announcements by Government to December 10, 2012.

Any new announcements after this date will not be on the updated forecast.

The document is prepared by the WA Under Treasurer for the WA Government.

Economy growth is expected to increase to 6.0% in 12/13, up from 4.75% at the time of the mid-year review.

Population growth is both increasing revenue and increasing costs.

There has been little effect on the gross income and expenses between the budget and the mid-year review figures, however the make up of the figures does require a closer look and we will do that separately.


Key Components











Revenue $b 22.0 23.9 25.2 25.5 25.3
Expenses $b 21.2 22.3 24.6 25.3 25.2
Net Debt $b 9.9 12.0 14.5 18.6 18.2
Iron Ore Price $US/tonne   169.5 137.0 118.4 109.8








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