Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Barnett’s secret plan to reduce debt exposed – privatisation

Labor Statement

Colin Barnett will look to sell the State's assets to try to fix his insatiable appetite for debt according to a former senior Government staffer, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said a media report written today by Energy Minister Peter Collier's former Chief of Staff revealed Premier Colin Barnett's office made reference to privatisation as a 'second term project'.

"Colin Barnett has repeatedly failed to come clean on how he planned to reign in State debt, which has increased by a staggering 400 per cent on his watch," Mr Wyatt said.

"Now we know why Mr Barnett has been so cagey - he plans to privatise the State's utilities.

"Mr Barnett has been dishonest with Western Australians about his privatisation agenda and now has some serious explaining to do.

"He must front up today and categorically rule out the privatisation of Western Australia's utility companies, should the Liberal Party win a second term of Government.

"Mr Barnett will have to make a tough decision at some point, but he's trying to keep his mask on until after the election."

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